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Become A Referee

How do I become a referee?

How much does it cost to become a referee?

I would like to Register as a Grade 8 Referee and select a clinic.

Once I pass the clinic and register, how do I get games?

How do I become a referee?
Some important points:

To become a certified referee, there are a few easy steps everyone must go through:

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How much does it cost to become a referee?
There are two types of fees (Clinic Fee and USSF/STSR) and the referee uniform cost.

Clinic Fee

The clinic fee is $30 for entry level clinics. You pay this fee when you register for a clinic.

Registration Fee(USSF & STSR)

The USSF/STSR yearly registration fee is:
Grade 8 Referee - $50.00
You pay this registration fee when you register for a clinic.
The USSF/STSR registration year is July 1st through June 30th.
The USSF Badge is good from January 1st through Dec 31st in the year stated on the badge.

Uniform Cost

Soccer Referee uniforms can be obtained from online referee supply stores or from your local soccer equipment store.
There is usually a referee "starter kit" that can be purchased which includes socks, shorts, shirt, whistle, flags, velcro patch and a game report book for about $60.
You should purchase this before you officiate your first game.

A good place to purchase the Uniform is through the web at

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Grade 8 - Referee

About the Grade 8 Clinic

Cost Factors - Grade 8

Referee Registration fee

$ 50.00

Clinic Fee

$ 30.00

TOTAL Expense*

$ 80.00

*Uniform costs are not included in these figures.

 Register and select a Entry Grade 8  Referee Clinic to attend.

You will be requested to enter your personal information, or verify your Personal Information. Then you will see a Clinic Reservation page. You will need to scan down the left side and find the "click here" to continue registration and click on it, if no clinics are listed. You will then need to select Referee Grade 8. Press Submit, then click on "Reserve" to reserve the clinic. Then proceed to the "Checkout" section on the right to pay the fees. Do not attempt to checkout before you have reserved a clinic. You are not registered in the clinic until the fees are paid.

Click here to register and select a clinic for Grade 8.

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Once I pass the clinic and register, how do I get games?

Congratulations on becoming a referee! Now you want to start doing games. Here's a few steps that will help you get scheduled for a game:


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