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Instructional Material and Agendas for all Clinics can be found at .

Clinic Registrations

All clinic attendees MUST be preregistered for the clinic and listed on the clinic roster.  STSR does NOT support walk-ins under any circumstances.

 Attendees will NOT be registered if they are not listed in the clinic, with a paid status, passing score, and attendance marked. Please review and use the following information for conducting clinics:



Instructional Material and Agendas for All Clinics can be found at .

Instructors MUST check in all clinic attendees using the Check In-Roster. Please note on this roster the Payment Status. If the Status is Check Not PAID, a check MUST be collected at the clinic for this attendee in the amount shown on the Roster.  If they stated, it has been mailed, you must still collect the check and tell them the duplicate will be destroyed.  They cannot attend the clinic without paying.  Failure to utilize this procedure will delay the clinic being closed out, will delay your instructor payment, and will delay everyone in the clinic being approved for registration.  If there is someone attending that is not on your roster, you must let them know that if they stay, their attendance will NOT be counted for registration purposes. Do not give them a badge or velcro.  Checks collected at the clinic must be sent to :

Deepak Lumba
STSR Treasurer
5402 Green Cove Bend Lane
Houston, TX 77041

Hybrid Entry Clinics

Hybrid Entry clinics require that Online lessons be completed before the student is transferred by the system into the In-Person clinic that they requested.  Clinic Cutoff dates for these types of clinics must be at least 3 days before the scheduled clinic.  Clinic Registration Cutoff is midnight on the cutoff date.  All Lessons must be complete by 12 PM (noon) two days AFTER Registration cutoff.  Clinic Rosters should ALWAYS be final by 6 pm on the night before the clinic.

In order to get credit for the In-Person portion of the clinic, ALL Online lessons must be completed for the Entry Grade 9 and Entry Grade 8 Hybrid clinics with the exception of the After Clinic Test.  The test may be taken before or after the In-person portion of the clinic, but must be passed with an 80% to be registered.


The Clinic Roster screen contains a Checkbox for PREREQ students, that is a list of students that have requested the clinic, but not completed the online lessons. There is a Send Warning Email button at the bottom of this screen. It will send a precanned warning message to all on the prereq list, that lessons are not complete, and they need to complete them to get into the classroom.  The night before the clinic, this button will change to SEND TOO LATE EMAIL.  This can be done once, and will notify all in the prereq list that they are not to attend the clinic, but finish their lessons and transfer to another clinic.  We suggest you use these buttons accordingly.


Anyone wishing to get credit for the clinic MUST be on the Roster. If they are not on the roster, they must be informed they may stay at the clinic if there is seating available but may not get credit for the clinic. They must follow up on getting credit with the STSR office after the clinic where analysis shows that a reporting error resulted in not recording the online lesson completion.  Testing is done ONLINE. You must Mark Attendance, Update Attendance. Badges will be mailed by the office for all clinics.


Hybrid Recertification Clinics

Hybrid Recertification clinics require that online lessons be completed before their Registration is approved. However online lessons do NOT have to be completed before attending the In-Person portion of the clinic.  Testing is done ONLINE. Badges and velcros will be mailed to them by the STSR office.  The Scores page must be appropriately updated with Attendance.


Entry Instructor Clinics

Entry Instructor clinics are periodically held every year or two years in Houston, Austin or San Antonio. To register as a new Instructor, go to the Clinics Page, Select Available Clincs, set clinic type to Instructor Entry Level (Grade 7). Available clinics will be displayed. Click on the Register link next to the clinic you wish to attend.

Instructor Recertification

Instructors must recertify each calendar year. To do so , instructors must register for and attend the annual Instructors In-Service clinic. Simply sign-in to your account, and select the Instructors In-Service clinic.    If you do not see the Instructors In-Service clinic listed, click on Add Registrations, and select the Instructor check box. The Instructor In-Service clinic is normally in June and the makeup IIS is usually made available later in the year as an Online clinic.

Instructors Recertifying as Referees

Instructors that complete the Instructor In-Service clinic may use these hours and Test score for Referee Recertification (Grades 7 and Emeritus) by Registering for the Paper-Only Grade 7/Emeritus Recert clinic for Instructors/Assessors. The clinic is free, but you MUST pay your Referee Registration fee online. Instructors who are currently Grade 8 Referees must Upgrade by taking a Grade 7 Upgrade clinic.  The Upgrade clinic fee will be reimbursed once all requirements have been met.

Instructor Billing Rates for Clinic Instruction

Minimum # of Students for Clinics to be held

Number of students is the minimum required to hold said clinics:  These minimums assume only one instructor as the basis for the clinic.  If a clinic has such minimums and DDRI wishes to use two instructors, they share/split the total hours for billing and the total hours would be the number of hours the clinic ran.

 Totally In-Person Clinics: (nothing online)

Entry Level Grade 9 English/Spanish:  7 students -- @ 8 hour clinic

Entry Level Grade 8 English / Spanish:  12 students -- @ 16 hour clinic

Note: Recertification & Upgrade clinics will not be offered until September for the next badge year.

Grade 7/8/Emeritus Recertification English / Spanish:  10 students -- @ 5 hour clinic

Grade 7 upgrade English / Spanish:  7 students -- @ 8 hour clinic

Hybrid / Fully Online Clinics: (English Only)

Entry Level Grade 9 Hybrid:  5 students -- @ 3 hour In-Person Field Session/Clinic *
Entry Level Grade 8 Hybrid:  7 students -- @ 4 hour In-Person Field Session/Clinic *

* In-Person Hybrid Entry clinics run in the same session, a total of 7 required for the sum of the two clinics.

Note: Recertification & Upgrade clinics will not be offered until September for the next badge year.

Grade 8 Fully Online Recertification: No Minimum

Grade 7/Emeritus Fully Online Recertification: No minimum

Grade 7/Emeritus Hybrid Recertification: 5 students -- @ 2 hour In-Person Field Session/Clinic

Grade 7 upgrade: Fully Online

Multiple Instructor Hours for Clinics

The following guidelines are provided as maximum hours per clinic, based on our average of approximately 20 students per clinic and are at discretion of the DDRIs/ADRIs; if questions, coordinate with SDI.  Note: if a clinic is much larger, these numbers can be increased.

Instructional hours can be no more than clinic hours for clinics under 5 hours in length

Instructional hours can be 1.5X the # of clinic hours for clinics OVER 5 hours in length

In-Person Field Sessions will require a much lower Instructor/Student ratio , therefore new Instructional hour policies will be published for these in the near future.


Instructor Mileage Rate:
The mileage rate that can be charged  is 54.5 cents / mile for travel over 50 miles round trip NOT including the first 50 miles. STSR does not pay for the first 50 miles round trip. Toll fees may be charged as well. If the clinic is a full day clinic , lunch may be expensed, with receipts. If the clinic is a two day clinic requiring additional meals and hotel, please pre-arrange this with the SDI.

Billing Rates:

  • State Instructors:  $160 for full day; partial days (number of hours * $22.00/hr)
  • Referee Instructors:  $130 for full day; partial days (number of hours * $17.00/hr)
  • Associate Instructors:  $90 for full day; partial days (number of hours * $12.00/hr)
  • Recreational Instructors:  $90 for full day; partial days (number of hours * $12.00/hr)

SDI may approve billing hours above this on a case by case basis.  
The District/Area Director must request the additional expenditure in advance of the expense incurred.