South Texas Soccer Referees

Assessor Documentation

Assessors may charge mileage for the assessment if over 50 miles round trip, NOT including the first 50 miles. This is done through the Expense Reporting system, when the assessor files the expense Report for the Assessment. Money is NEVER collected at the field.   Mileage rate is 54.5 cents per mile for round trip mileage past 50 miles.

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Becoming an Assessor

  1. You must be or have been at least a Grade 7+ Referee for three (3) years.
  2. You must be invited by the SDA to the Entry Level Assessors Clinic
  3. You will become a Provisional Assessor (Grade 8) once you have registered for the
    clinic, paid the associated fees and successfully completed the Entry Level
    Assessors Clinic
  4. As a Provisional Grade 8 Assessor you must complete ten (10)  Developmental and Guidance
    assessments on ten different matches. At least five (5) of these must be for the Referee position.
  5. Two full assessments, full matches, co-assessed / shadowed with a Grade 7 or above assessor, assigned
    by the SDA. The assessments entered into the, as Developmental.
    Note: The match assessor in this exercise is the mentor. Assessments must be reviewed and critiqued by the mentor before being input on US Soccer GO and submitted to the referees.This protocol must be strictly observed to assure certification by the SDA as a full Grade 7 Referee Assessor.

Assessor Grade 7 Yearly Maintenance

  1. As per USSF Guidelines found here.
  2. Successful completion of the State In-Service clinic including the State and National Referee test.
  3. Completion of a minimum of five (5) full assessments during the previous 12 months. (see provisional registration)
  4. Three Developmental and Guidance Assessments will count as one full assessment in meeting the above requirement.

Upgrade to State Assessor (Grade 5)

  1. Have been a Grade 6 State Referee or higher for at least three (3) years.
  2. Good stading as a currently registered Grade 7 Assessor or National Referee.
  3. Nominated by the SDA to attend the US Soccer held State Assessor Clinic.
  4. Attendance and successful completion of the State Assessor Clinic will provide Provisional Assessor
    Registration as a Grade 6 Assessor.
  5. Completion of five (5) full assessments as a Grade 6 Provisional State Assessor, shadowed by a US Soccer appointed National Assessor.

State Assessor Yearly Maintenance (Grade 5) - updated for 2017 registration

  1. As per USSF Guidelines found here.
  2. Registration, attendance and successful completion of the State In-Service clinic including the Referee State and National test.
  3. Full assessment of five (5) matches as per USSF Guidelines. Referee D&G’s qualify at three to one ratio (3 Referee D&G’s = 1 Full) to tally to the required 5 minimum. This is to assure that if formal assessments are not available, the assessor remains engaged in coaching and documenting D&G’s. (see provisional registration)

Provisional Registration as an Assessor

Assessors are required to meet the minimum # of formal assessment requirements to register each year (three developmental assessments equal 1 formal). The State Director of Assessments may Provisionally register an Asssessor who has met all of the other registration requirements except assessment counts based on:

  • Documented Personal or Family Illness
  • Documented conflict with work schedule
  • A committment that missing assessments will be made up by June 1st of the new Registration year

An Assessor shall not be granted Provisional Registration status for two successive registration years. An Assessor Not granted Provisional Registration status, or that was last registered provisionally and again has not met the Assessment count requirements, will not be registered as an assessor until they have been invited to and successfully completed the Entry Assessors clinic when it is offered.

Using the Assessor In-Service to Recertify as a Referee

Assessors that complete the Assessor In-Service clinic may use these hours and Test score for Referee Recertification (Grades 8,7 and Emeritus) by Registering for the Paper-Only Grade 7/8 Recert clinic for Instructors/Assessors. The clinic is free, but you MUST pay your Referee Registration fee online.