Available Clinics to become licensed as a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Official
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Please note that all clinics have reservation cutoff dates. This is usually 1 week in advance of the first clinic date.
Reservations for the clinic cannot be made if the cutoff date is past, or if the clinic is full.
If beyond cutoff date, status will be "Registration Closed".
If the status is "FULL", the clinic is at maximum seating capacity and can take no further reservations.



Hybrid Clinics utilize Online Lessons in addition to In-Person clinic time.
Non-Hybrid clinics require no online lesson work, all training is done in-person.

  New or recertifying Assignor clinics may be fully online, hybrid online and in-person, or fully in-person. Click on the "Info" beside the clinic for details.  

There are no clinics of this type in your selected area.
Entry clinics are offered in all areas in August-October, and again in January-March.
Clinics are not available in July.