Available Clinics to become licensed as a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Official

New Referee clinics will be opened in Mid July


You MUST be age 13 or older to become a Referee


South Texas Entry Referee (Grassroots) Clinics are now being offered through the US Soccer Learning Center. When first accessing the US Soccer Learning center, you will need to follow these steps after clicking on the US Soccer Learning Center below:

  1. Click on "Start Your Journey".
  2. Create a user account by clicking on the "Sign Up" in the upper right hand corner. (or Click "Login" if you already created a Learning Center Account)
  3. Register for the Grassroots Online Clinic
  4. Register for an In-Person Grassroots Field Training Session being held in South Texas
  5. Pay the total Fees by Credit Card
  6. Complete the Grassroots Online Training (4.5 hours)
  7. Complete the Online lessons in the Field Training clinic and attend the Field Training Clinic

The online training lessons do NOT have to be completed in order to attend the Field Training Clinic. However all online lessons and the Field Training clinic must be satisfactorily completed to obtain your US Soccer License.

To access the US Soccer Learning Center, click US Soccer Learning Center

If you have problems creating an account, or problems with the US Soccer website call US Soccer at (312) 528-1296 for assistance.