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Referee Clinics and USSF Registration

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Note: Online and In-Person Recertification clinics are available from Sept 1st - June 15th.
State Referee Recert and Upgrade clinics are held in August.

Entry and Upgrade Clinics will be posted for registration by mid July.  Entry and Upgrade Referee clinics will start being offered ahead of the Fall season in August and ahead of the Spring season in early January. Referee Grade 9 is recommended for those under the age of 14. Referee Grade 8 for those age 14 or older. For those doing Adult games, Upgrade to Referee Grade 7 is recommended. These grades have nothing to do with school grades.

 Fully online, 2 hour hybrid and full 5 hour in-person recertification clinics will be posted from Sept 1st - June 15th. (They are NOT available in July or August.)

Fully online recert clinics, require no In-Person clinic time. Hybrid clinics provide shorter In-Person clinic sessions, while requiring online lessons be taken. STSR continues to also provide full length in-person clinics, where all teaching is done in-person. Entry Grade 8,9 and Bridge clinics require the online lessons be completed before the in-person session. All other hybrid clinic types, only require the lessons to be completed before the registration is approved.

Use the Find Referee Clinics button above to view a list of clinics and start the registration process.

Click here if you are an existing or returning STSR official.
The system will automatically show you available clinics that you may take when you sign in.

Click here to see a list of available clinics
This allows you to view available clinics of all types. It also allows you to register for a clinic if you are NEW to STSR,
and never have been a STSR soccer official before.

If you have any questions about becoming a referee, click HERE. If you have questions about yearly recertification, click HERE.
Otherwise feel free to contact us at or by using the phone number listed below.


South Texas Soccer Referees
110 N. I35, Suite 315 #408
Rock, Texas 78681

713-518-1963 Fax

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